In addition to fashioning a custody arrangement for the parents in the best interest of the child, arrangements must also be made to create a formal visitation schedule that will allow the nonresidential parent suitable and regular amounts of parenting time with the children.

At Gauthier & Gooch, our attorneys are highly skilled in delivering solutions in visitation and parenting schedules that allow our clients the time they need to nurture a healthy relationship with the children.

Chicago Visitation Attorneys Advocating In Issues Of Visitation Rights And Visitation Modification

In most cases, standard visitation agreements will allow the nonresidential parent certain nights to spend with their children during the week, weekends, summers, vacations and holidays.

Many couples understand the need for the children to maintain a relationship with both parents, and often the residential parent is willing to provide ample time with the other parent. While this may be the dynamic at the time of divorce, it is important to work for a formal visitation agreement that will still protect your interests as a parent should your relationship with the other parent sour over time.

Our attorneys will take the time to listen to your wishes and goals for the outcome of this decision and work toward providing a creative solution that will protect the best interests of the child and preserve the relationship you have with your child.

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